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The Patriotic Teachers Association


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Patriotic Teachers Association

Join a Union of Teachers, for Teachers.

Red Union Home Teacher



Teachers deserve Freedom.



Teachers deserve Choice.


Teachers Professional Association of Australia

Thousands of teachers in Australia have walked away from the Left Wing Teachers unions, and joined the TPAA. Because the TPAA puts teachers first, and bureaucrats last.

TPAA provides:
  • PI insurance
  • Legal representation
  • Bargaining Support

All for half the price compared to the same corrupt old union monopolies. Their job has been to make yours more difficult.

We get them out of the way and Let Teachers Teach, again. Proving that you can do Protection without the Politics.

It should never be about the unions, it should be about the Teachers.
We fight for the individual just as much as the industry.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing. How willing are you to do something?

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